Benefits of the Nicholas Scott Smallman-type guitar

Here are some reasons why playing a Nicholas Scott Smallman-type guitar is a more pleasurable experience than playing guitars constructed using conventional methods



Balsa / Carbon Fibre Lattice

Enables the load from the bridge to be spread over a much larger area of the soundboard, giving a better sound.

Permits a reduction in the thickness (and therefore weight) of the soundboard, again improving sound.

Ultra Lightweight Soundboard

More dynamic, louder sound

Better transition from 3rd to 4th string.

No longer does the guitar have just treble and bass; the midrange emerges from hiding and gives a much fuller, balanced and keyboard like sound.

Much improved string life, most noticeable on the bass strings

Rigid Internal Frame

Isolates the soundboard from the negative influences of the back and sides.

Prevents the slow deformation of the body over time, therefore the sound does not become weak and feeble.

Ebony Slice in Head and Neck

More energy delivered to the soundboard instead of being wasted in flexing.

Neck warp is eliminated.

Rigid, Heavy Back and Sides

A cleaner, more even sound.

Your arms don't have to prevent the guitar falling sideways; the upper torso is now free to move.

The reduction in body tension can be remarkable.

Arm Rest

No longer does the arm of the player prevent the soundboard vibrating at the perimeter.

It really does feel more comfortable

Sheer Pleasure

At Two Thousand nine hundred and eighty six English Pounds - can you buy more pleasure for LESS ?.

The above graph illustrates how the Smallman-type guitar gives a much louder sound for a longer time compared with the conventional fan braced guitar.